Appurview-Laugh with an Engineer



So this is my first 70 minute solo show. A Hinglish Stand Up Comedy show about the mundane activities of day-to-day life, but from the point of view of an Engineer; like, why do you see more colleges on road? Why everybody wants to do Engineering & MBA and then join TCS, Infosys and other IT companies?



Appurv Gupta in Banglore



Appurv Gupta in Delhi





I will tell you about our obsession to go to Amereeka, to learn foreign languages and photography, smoking, our obsession about mobile phones, algorithm of marriages, Ramayana, Mahabharata, festivals and many more short stories revolving around a typical Indian.




I like to perform this show whenever I get chance and yes, fees too :)

Appurv Gupta in Gurgaon



Appurv Gupta in Hyderabad





Till now, I have performed this show in Delhi,Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad. I am planning to take this show to many more cities, but you know India is so fast with licenses and all (sarcasm included), so it takes some time to complete the formalities. But, if you want to bring this show to your city, then just write an email to us and very soon I will be there. :)